Are you part of the 90 percent?

A recent article on CNN money reported that 90% of all Americans now have health insurance thanks to Obamacare.
On the surface this sounds like a very good thing. Yet studies have shown that in spite of outspending every developed nation in the world on healthcare, we as Americans are sicker and more obese than ever. It would seem although we have health insurance,  we are lacking real health.

So if we spend more money than anyone else, why are we suffering from so much chronic illness and disease. Perhaps part of the problem is our healthcare system is more a disease management system.

Our current model focuses on costly surgical and pharmaceutical interventions that suppress symptoms rather than actually prevent problems in the first place. 
What if there was a different model of healthcare, which offered an alternative to drugs and surgery?

We need a system that promotes prevention and true wellness. One that fosters a belief that the body, when cared for properly and kept in balance, actually has the potential to heal itself. This sounds very much like an idea I am very familiar with. This sounds like chiropractic philosophy. I know because as a second generation chiropractor, I grew up with this system.
Unfortunately, there is another 90% category in this country, that is 9 out of 10 people have never even seen a chiropractor. Even less actually go to a chiropractor regularly. And so it is my mission to bring this message to light so that we can help you and those you love. This natural healing method that I have enjoyed my whole life and practiced for almost 20 years needs to be shared.

The difference between those that succeed or fail many time boils down to a decision. We all want to do better. We all would love to make it to the gym, lose 20 extra pounds, and eat a little  healthier. We all would choose and desire to stop abusing our bodies and love each other a little more.

Yet a sobering fact is that 90% of us don't succeed because in spite of good intentions we fail to execute our plans. We hit the snooze, we have one more cookie, we blow off that work out. 

Don't wait for disease to manifest itself before you take action. An ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure. And for goodness sake go see your chiropractor! I for one am 100% sure I can do better than the 90%.

Please share this message if you would like to do better too!

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