Tissue Regenerative Therapy

The Stem Cell Machine

Hailed as the latest in energy medicine, TRT or tissue regenerative therapy is the latest technology from Germany that is revolutionizing non-invasive healing here in the United States. This modality has been used for years to help provide non-surgical alternative to pain management and pain reduction in various areas and joints. It uses patented, FDA 510(k) cleared unfocused acoustic waves known as soft waves to produce both positive and negative (tensile) forces on cells. The probe generates waves that affect cells within a two inch diameter, causing pathologic tissues to react. This treatment, is known by several names, including extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT), acoustic wave therapy, soft wave therapy or soft wave acoustic TRT.

TRT uses these non invasive shock waves to regenerate tissues, avoiding surgery and improving joint and tissue pain without extended recovery times associated with surgery. This allows you to heal while you still can work and participate in other activities. According the the JOURNAL OF BONE & JOINT SURGERY “Shockwave therapy was originally developed to disintegrate urinary stones four decades ago. Since then, there has been remarkable progress regarding the knowledge of its biological and therapeutic effects. Its mechanism of action bases on acoustic mechanical waves that act at the molecular, cellular and tissue levels to generate a biological response.”

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