Benefits of True Cellular Detox


Toxic metals are found everywhere. These toxins keep your body from functioning properly. They cause hormonal irregularities, chronic pain, anxiety, and more. Do you work out and have been maintaining a healthy diet but still feel sluggish? True Cellular Detox could be the solution to help you stay on the right track to living healthy. Embarking on this detox program reduces the toxicity in your body at the cellular level. This provides many health benefits, including:


  • Weight Loss.

  • More Energy.

  • Reduced Stress.

  • Sharper Mental Acuity.

  • Improved Immune Response.


It’s also been known to help reduce cravings, achieve better digestion, and even clear skin.



How Does It Work?


True Cellular Detox targets the source of the illness through its three components. The first is applying the 5R’s principle, which includes:


  • Removing the Source.

  • Regenerating the Cell Membrane.

  • Restoring Cellular Energy.

  • Reducing Inflammation.

  • Re-Establishing Methylation.


It serves as the roadmap to fixing your cells. The second component is opening as well as supporting the critical detox pathways. These include your lymph, kidneys, liver, and gut. Lastly, the program works by using true binding agents to get rid of the toxins from your cells. A true binder will move the toxins from your cells, avoiding recirculation.


In contrast to other detoxification methods, it’s important to understand what True Cellular Detox is not. To be specific, this method is neither a form of colon cleanse, a raw juice fast, a foot bath, nor a coffee enema. It’s also not a bottle of chlorella tablets or the usual week-long herbal cleanse.


These strategies and many others can help with the detoxification process. But they’re too far downstream for you to really experience the impact required to remove toxins in your body at the cellular level. Effective detox has to go upstream to your brain cells. It’s the key to a long-lasting solution in addressing today’s inflammatory-driven diseases.



What You Can Expect From the Program


It starts with getting tested to determine your body’s level of toxicity. The system involves three phases, which progress from preparing the cellular detox pathways, clearing your body, then clearing the brain and nerve tissues from heavy toxins.


Eliminating unhealthy foods from your diet is just one part of the True Cellular Detox program. The system usually includes a 90-day detox kit, instructional videos, meal plans, diet guidelines, and shopping lists.


To get the most out of this detox program, you must incorporate a proper diet, take targeted supplements, and stick to exercise regimes. Addressing emotional as well as physical stressors is also essential to help you get fully well. Every modality has a stand-alone effect. But the magic lies in the synergy of combining multiple strategies, igniting transformation at the cellular level. Once you have completed the 90-day program, experts recommend periodic detoxification.


We are constantly bombarded with ads and other marketing gimmicks for the latest detox products. But how safe and effective are they really? Have you been suffering from a chronic health condition? Learn more about True Cellular Detox today and how it can optimize your health with Dr. Dan Kirschner Chiropractic. Call any of our offices in Arcadia and Sarasota, Florida, to schedule your appointment.

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