Cellular Detox: How Long Does It Take?

Did you know that cellular detox is one of the most effective processes for removing toxins from your body?


As societies grow, their citizens begin to have higher consumption. Sometimes, this increased consumption is not healthy. Nowadays, more Americans are trying to detoxify to undo the damage caused by the excess. 


Many detox programs have been in use for the past few decades. Experts say that most of these programs employ different diets and combinations of the same. These could be drinking juice alone, fasting, restrictive foods, and others involving supplements. One of the newest entrants into the detox field is cellular detox.


This article will talk about the benefits of cellular detox and how long it can take.


Benefits of Cellular Detox


  • It Flushes Out All Toxins in the Body


Cellular detox is an effective detox method that helps remove all toxins and harmful compounds in the body. It eliminates disease and cancer-causing compounds and improves the ability of the body to absorb nutrients. It can do this through a five-principle and three-phase program to thoroughly cleanse the cells.


  • It Restores the Colon to Near-perfect State


The colon contains the first line of defense of the body, the good bacteria. These bacteria are also in the small intestines, and their function is to aid in digestion and the removal of toxins regularly. These bacteria do this outside of any cleansing protocols. Cleansing your colon through cellular detoxifying will ensure that these bacteria are healthy and active.


  • It Reboots the Liver


The liver is one of the most critical organs because it carries out several functions simultaneously. It helps digestion, synthesizes a hormone responsible for detoxifying the body’s fluids, and metabolizes drugs. It is also primarily responsible for changing the composition of toxic compounds. The cellular detox helps take the load off the liver and reduces the number of toxins.


  • It Decongests the Kidneys


The kidneys help maintain the water-electrolyte balance while they filter blood. They also constantly remove toxins from the body added to urea. Congested kidneys result in poor health, so a cellular detox can help decongest the kidneys. 


  • It Helps Dump the Cellular Debris From Your Lymphatic System


The lymphatic system is connected throughout the body, even to the heart. It is known as the chief defender of the immune system, and it has other significant functions. It helps balance out the fluids in the body and gets rid of cellular waste. A cellular detox will work with your lymphatic system to eliminate cellular waste and toxins.


How Long Does a Cellular Detox Take?


Cellular detoxification utilizes three phases and five principles to be effective. The five R’s are removing the source, regenerating the cell membrane, restoring cellular energy, reducing cellular inflammation, and re-establishing methylation. The three phases are:


  • Prep phase

  • Body phase

  • Brain phase


By using our protocols, we have seen significant changes in as little as seven to 14 days. However for results to last, we need to follow our cellular detox protocols and make changes to your life that will result in a new way of life.

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