Chiropractic Treatment Can Help Relieve Anxiety: Here's How

Since D. D Palmer’s pioneering work on the vertebra in 1995, chiropractic care has been growing. It has since evolved from alternative medicine to a critical form of restorative care. Nowadays, the benefits of chiropractic care extend beyond correcting misaligned joints. Studies and patient reports have built up on the literature on the benefits of this medical discipline. 


Chiropractic care is best known for its effect on issues with the spinal column. However, the effect of realigning the musculoskeletal system extends to other health aspects. One of these is mental health, specifically anxiety. The effects of spinal adjustments have been shown to improve patients' anxiety significantly. 


So, how does chiropractic treatment help relieve your anxiety?


What Are the Symptoms of Anxiety?


About 40 million Americans deal with mental illnesses each year. Many of these numbers will be dealing with anxiety, either comorbid with another's illness or as the only mental health issue. Anxiety disorders affect the largest of this population, while depression is the leading cause of disability. It affects each patient differently, but anxiety has some symptoms similar to most patients. 


Here are the most common symptoms:


  • Stiffness and muscle tension

  • Restlessness and the inability to relax

  • Insomnia and fatigue

  • Pains and aches over your whole body

  • Migraines or headaches

How Does Chiropractic Treatment Help?


  • Wholesome Treatment


Chiropractors are trained to provide treatment that addresses your entire body. They will try to find the best balance for your mind and body using different modalities. They may employ diets, adjustments, and exercises. By adjusting your diet to help improve your nutrition and the health of your body, you will be able to handle the anxiety a bit better. Incorporating exercises in your treatment will help you improve your overall mood each day. 


  • Regulating Blood Pressure


One of the outcomes of chiropractic adjustments is regulating blood pressure. According to several studies into the effects of chiropractic care, it reduces stress and blood pressure. When you suffer from anxiety, your blood pressure tends to be significantly high. Lower blood pressure and lower stress levels directly impact your anxiety. By having regular chiropractic visits, you can manage your blood pressure levels effectively.


  • It Is Drug-free


The most impressive thing about chiropractic treatment is that it can accomplish its objectives without drugs. Typically, reducing anxiety would involve a lot of medication. With chiropractic care, you get all the benefits without anxiety medication's side effects. However, it would be best if you only stopped taking your medication with the guidance of your doctor.


  • Leads to the Production of Positive Hormones


Spinal manipulation and adjustments help trigger the production of positive hormones. An aligned spine leads to a healthier nervous system. It produces hormones like cortisol, neurotensin, and oxytocin.


Cortisol blocks any pain from inflammation, while neurotensin acts on the pain that comes from stress. Oxytocin works on improving neuro-communication and helps you work through social bonding.


  • Encourages Relaxation


One major outcome of chiropractic treatment is relaxation. The chiropractor knows how to make you feel relaxed during the session, and the adjustments also relax your body. According to a study, muscle activity reduces by 25 percent after a session. The relaxation you feel after a session can help you sleep better because your anxiety levels are significantly low.


To learn more about chiropractic treatment and anxiety, call Dr. Dan Kirschner Chiropractic in Arcadia (863) 494-7110 or Sarasota (941) 214-6150, Florida.

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