Common Question about "Text Neck"

Is Text Neck The Cause Of Your Neck Pain? Your Questions Answered 

Your smartphone is an amazing resource that puts information from around the world at your fingertips while ensuring you never lose contact with loved ones. It can also turn into chronic neck pain that may eventually interfere with your quality of life. Dr. Dan Kirschner Chiropractic is committed to easing pain.

What is Text Neck?

Text neck is the term given to the neck pain caused by bending your head forward when using a smartphone or other handheld electronic device. The term “text neck” was coined because texting is what millions of people around the world spend much of their time doing on mobile devices. Whether you’re texting or viewing videos on your phone, the position of your neck bends forward and places unnecessary strain on your cervical spine.

How is Text Neck Treated?

Text neck is typically treated by a chiropractor who is trained in identifying and relieving tension, inflammation, and pain throughout the neck and back. If your work or personal lifestyle requires you to hunch over a computer, cellphone, tablet, or any other electronic device throughout the day, you likely need routine chiropractic services. Our chiropractor, Dr. Kirschner, can help you improve your posture and relieve stress on your spine with spinal adjustments.

You may also benefit from exercise. The more you strengthen your muscles and maintain a healthy weight, the better your body can handle the stress of texting and other electronic usages.

When Should I See A Chiropractor for Text Neck?

You don’t have to wait for severe neck pain to develop. If you are experiencing any type of tension or pain in your neck or back, you can work with our chiropractor to eliminate the pain and prevent the development of text neck.

Stop Your Neck Pain From Interfering With Your Life

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