How to Minimize Pain From a Tailbone Injury

A tailbone injury can be painful ━ especially if it comes on suddenly. Despite being relatively small compared with the rest of the spine, the tailbone can cause a lot of discomfort. Patients often overlook tailbone pain until symptoms worsen.


There are certain stretches you can perform to relieve tension in the tailbone.


What Is a Tailbone Injury?


Various bones situated at the end of your lower back comprise your tailbone (coccyx). Several ligaments, muscles, and tendons are attached to it. A broken bone or damaged muscles may result in pain in the tailbone and the surrounding area.


What Causes It?


An injury to the tailbone usually occurs when someone falls directly on the back. It is also possible for women to suffer tailbone injuries during pregnancy, as the pressure of the baby passing through the pelvis can cause bruising or a fracture. You can also stress the tailbone if you sit on narrow surfaces for long periods, resulting in pain, bruising, and injury.


What Are the Symptoms?


The tailbone on your body is very tender. As you sit, you experience pain. It is also possible to have pain when you walk or go to the restroom.


What Is the Diagnosis?


After studying your symptoms, an examination of your back and tailbone will be done by your health care provider. To diagnose a broken tailbone, your doctor may order an X-ray.


What Is the Treatment?


It takes time for a tailbone injury to heal. The recovery time for a bruised tailbone can be a few days to a few weeks. Tailbone fractures heal within four to six weeks. In either case, there can be residual pain far into the future. However, pain should go away after 20 to 30 minutes of ice pack treatment every 3 to 4 hours for a couple of days. If necessary, your doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory or pain medications.


During the healing process, it is extremely important to sit on a doughnut cushion for support. Several medical supply stores sell doughnut cushions, or you may use an inner tube meant for a swimming pool. While your tailbone is healing, try to drink plenty of fluids and consume more fiber in order to avoid constipation and straining.


Performing stretching exercises is often prescribed to treat tailbone. It would be best to learn some pelvic floor exercises and stomach muscle exercise from your physical therapist. Chiropractic treatment has proven extremely effective for reducing pain caused by tailbone injuries. The misalignment of an injury can be corrected with chiropractic care, which can provide fast pain relief.


If all other treatment options have failed, the best option is to remove the tailbone completely. Although this surgery is safe, it involves some risks since the surgical site typically does not heal well, making infections common.  


What Can You Do to Prevent Tailbone Injuries?


Unavoidable accidents frequently cause tailbone injuries. It is important to wear protective gear during certain contact sports such as football and hockey.


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