Know How to Protect Your Back and Spine As You Age

Aging paves the way for many physical changes in your body. The American Geriatrics Society encourages early spinal and tissue manipulation as you age. Caring for the back and spine while aging can maintain your flexibility. You can perform your daily activities without pain if you care for your spine and back with the help of your chiropractor. Here are the details that you must consider to protect your spine and back health as you go through aging.  


Maintain Normal Body Weight


You can maintain good health by maintaining your ideal weight. Studies show that you can try to keep this weight by being mindful of your food intake. It is all about balance. The right meal portions and minimal snacking can also help keep your ideal weight. These efforts can help prevent expensive spine treatments as you grow older.


Rest the Spine While Sleeping


During your waking hours, your spine works hard to support your entire body. During your nighttime sleep, you need to renew and relax your spine. For this purpose, you will need pillows and a mattress that will allow your spine to gain comfort and support while resting. Here are some tips to achieve a rested spine as you sleep:


  • Keep the spine aligned the natural way. Side sleepers must place a pillow between their knees. This will balance their hips. Back sleepers can place a pillow under their kneed to reduce lower back stress. A neck pillow can help support the neck spine.

  • Get a medium-firm or firm mattress for sleeping. Soft mattresses allow the spine to sag. Firm mattresses can support the spine whatever sleeping position you favor.

Perform Regular Exercise


A tough heart and pair of lungs pump fresh, oxygenated blood throughout the body. This allows your vital organs to function. Studies show that at least 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercises each day, five days a week can keep your lungs and heart in top shape.


As you age, you become prone to osteoporosis, which weakens the spine. It is easy to fracture your spine or break your hip if you have this condition. Performing weight-bearing exercises while taking vitamin D and calcium supplements can help strengthen your spine. Core exercises can help build up the muscles that support your spine.


Quit Smoking


Research shows that smoking can cause ailments in the heart and lungs. Additional studies prove that smoking has something to do with losing body moisture in the spinal discs. That is why it can also worsen osteoporosis or even result in degenerative spinal disc disease. Smoking can remove the shock-absorbing trait of your spine, which may lead to immobility and early spinal arthritis. Quitting smoking can help maintain your spinal strength and general health.


Keeping your back and spine while aging can help you face this process with more comfort. At Dr. Dan Kirschner Chiropractic, we make sure our patients achieve high-quality chiropractic care, especially as they age. Please visit our clinics in Arcadia and Sarasota, Florida, for an in-person consultation.

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